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Kitchen Remodeling – The Details

Kitchen Remodeling – The Details

It’s often the small touches in your kitchen design or remodel that give your space character and appeal. Varying ceiling height can more clearly define your kitchen and add architectural richness to the space if the design space has been built with this ability.

The way your kitchen lighting is set up helps determine the atmosphere and improve function. For example, under cabinet lighting helps you better complete food-prep and cooking / cleaning tasks, while accenting your backsplash or countertop. Pendant lights over an island add visual interest while focusing lighting closer to the work surface.

Detail moldings can also add detail to your kitchen. Crown molding and chair molding can also be incorporated, especially in eat-in areas. Cabinet detailing and styling also greatly impact your kitchen, as a majority of space is dedicated to cabinets. Enhancements such as light molding really improve the sophistication and look of the kitchen remodel when done.

Add a focal point detail to your kitchen – this can be as small as a tile deco tile in your backsplash to a piece of artwork incorporated onto the wall. It could be a dream kitchen island or a window nook over your kitchen sink. Your focal point should represent what your kitchen design is all about!

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