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Are 2019 Kitchen remodeling designs new?

2019 Kitchen Remodeling trends are all about you!

When remodeling your Summerlin kitchen the focus should be on you. What do you love, where do you feel comfortable, and most importantly, how do you use your kitchen? What don’t you have that you wish you did have?

Design choices

Typically we find most kitchens are designed around a generic three-point kitchen design which dictates that the cook move in a continuous triangular path between the refrigerator, range and, sink. This old and outdated concept is seen in nearly every home but is no longer considered the way to design your new kitchen. Every aspect of your new kitchen must be taken into consideration and it starts with the layout.

Does your family frequently cook or does your family primarily use the kitchen as a place to re-heat left overs on the run? Do you or one of your family members baker? Or, is it your preference to grill. Whatever your families preference and style, your kitchen should be designed to support your needs and dreams.

Schedule a no obligation design center appointment today to identify your most optimum kitchen remodeling layout and the surfaces that will make your dream a reality. From cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures to custom luxury appliances, Element Cabinet Design has what your looking for.


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